The Living Room

The Living Room is a non-profit for which I created, edited and published various materials. I maintained the organization’s branding while being aware of the changing demographic, contextual location, and evolving trends  in order to reach specific goals.



The Living Room website is an interactive and intuitive platform for the organization’s members and visitors alike. Being in charge of creating the website, its contents, and updating/managing it, my goal was to provide an place where information was easily accessible and aesthetically beautiful. I kept the content simple, navigation intuitive, with creative photography and graphics to visualize and complement the information.




The organization’s social media pages were managed strategically by creating customized looks for events, promoting posts/advertisements, and communicating directly with the audience. When I became in charge of managing The Living Room’s social media pages, the numbers of followers, interactions, and influence increased by 35%<. I utilized all popular social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat) to stay connected with our audience, continuously grow our network, increase our influence and promote events and activities in strategic and creative ways.



Each month, a new programme cover was created to accompany the information presented for a particular week. When creating these, I took into account the changing atmosphere, demographic, and branding.




The Sermon Concept Presentations were developed from understanding the message in its cultural contexts. The design is meant to compliment and accentuate the message of a particular sermon. These were used on the website, social media pages, print and PowerPoint presentations.