As one of the designers for TEDxRichland, with the theme Invisible Adversity, I created conceptual poster designs expressing the main topic as well as the speeches. I incorporated TED set rules, the location of the event, and the branding style into the aesthetics of my design. I also created quick digital sketches of the speakers which were used in various promotional material.


The element of invisibility is expressed through hiding specific elements or revealing them partially and in an obscure way.




I played around with idea of being hidden and absence which led me to use negative space to further the message. Meanwhile, information about the event is also displayed and requires the viewer to read somewhat in a non-traditional way.

The “x” in TEDxRichland represents the locally organized element of the event. The location – Richland, WA – can be seen inside the symbol.




Posters created to showcase TEDxRichland speakers and their topics. The design incorporated the theme of Invisible Adversity through concealing and blurring out parts of the speaker’s faces while using simple colors and design.




The sketches were created digitally and used in various mediums (posters, website, programs, etc).