Elastic is the company behind the popular open-source projects such as Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash. As a freelance visual designer for the SaaS company, I studied the its products in order to create the most effective visuals. All of the below illustrations creatively use components relating to the technical themes and products. Although Elastic deals with serious topics such as cyber security, the culture encourages exploration and creativity when it comes to presentation, campaigns, and branding. Below are a few examples of my original concepts and work:

elastic_earth day-01

Social media post in honor of Earth Day (with a few variations). I used brand colors, theme, and elements to create this illustration.



A conference promotional campaign. I used brand elements to create an engaging asset, distributed across various digital media. The fun, almost silly visual was to created to offset the serious, perhaps somewhat mundane subject. 



A graphic celebrating the company’s “1000” employee count. This piece required me to explore the physical light and form to recreate it digitally.


elastic_king's day-01

A social media graphic celebrating Netherlandish holiday. I created a landscape using Scandinavian themes, actual landmarks, and Elastic data-related elements.