Eargo is a medical device start-up that offers the world’s smallest, most comfortable hearing-aid. As a visual designer, I focused on the principles on which the company, specifically the product, are based: comfort, clarity, and revolution.


The scanner-like gif represents the almost invisible aspect of the technology. I sourced the photo, which best appeals to the particular audience, and created the sketch. GIF/Animation was created by Momo Ge. 


2 things in phones-01

A social media campaign I created by sourcing images and combining them to work together on one canvas. Eargo is shown to fit into all kinds of life styles and environments, that those with hearing loss would usually find challenging. 


eargo sketch design14-01

A promotional which takes an abstract approach to represent the futuristic and invisible qualities of the product. 


eargo sketch design6-01

A graphic which also takes an abstract and futuristic attitude to portray the product in a creative light. 


eargo sketch design11-01

A 3rd graphic I put together, also with an abstract and fun approach. 


4th of July 2018_Infographic_v2-01

An infographic to educate those on the blog about how best to protect one’s hearing.