Washington State University

As the Director of Marketing and Communications for Associated Students of Washington State University Tri-Cities, I integrated various marketing techniques to reach out to students. Relevancy and clarity were my main focus as I utilized different mediums such as print, social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap Chat), web, and others.



The website’s purpose was to inform students of ASWSUTC’s purpose, engage them through social media, and invite them to become part of the team. I maintained the website to stay clear of any distractions, yet contain the aesthetics of other WSUTC pages.


aswsutc_social media-01

Instagram was a platform to represent the University through a creative, photographic medium, yet inform students of campus events and activities. Relevancy and clear communication were the main priority. The ASWSUTC Facebook page was utilized for events and activities through the platform’s unique opportunities to track student activity and interest.


When creating the branding for the departing of Diversity Affairs, I wanted to use secondary colors of WSU’s brand to indicate it’s interior placement within the university. Connection, transparency, belonging, and confidentiality are all concepts I demonstrated visually within the logo.



wsu_flyer 1

This informational tri-fold represents the Digital Technology and Culture program at WSU through being consistent with the university’s branding yet displaying the cutting edge nature of the program through its design and boldness.